Tep Zepi ►Beginning Of Time by JBL1960

December 22nd 2015

◄ Translated from the French by Resistance 71 ►

November 2016

Foreword by Résistance 71

Everyone’s mission is to dismantle the pyramid of power stone by stone. It is in changing our relationship to society that we will change political paradigm, if everyone sees the common interest, then the mecanics of the real change will kick into place. This is the true revolution, it is an organic issue within a change of relationship towards society, starting from the individuals to move as collectively unified. This is how the State will fall, how a big part of Mankind will move forward differently ; this is how the State and institutions will fall into oblivion. We think that we are actually living the first moments of the agony of the State. It is the beginning of the end, it is an historical point even though it is not yet perceived as such by the many. What indeed the self-proclaimed “elite” calls the NWO corresponds to the last gasps of this disgraceful and shameful criminal statist and capitalist system. Human being is fundamentally morally good, and will eventually succeed to change political paradigm for the best on the global common interest. Future generations will learn with bewilderment of our fate and past history. They will be stunned and gutted by so much combined and ingrained greed and stupidity in the ways we conducted our political and social affairs.


The time of my “awakening” has come

To trample the empire and because we have to deal with super liers, huge super liers !

Considering the fact that one can not solve a problem while conserving the very same mental attitude, I “woke up” and reconsidered all things from that moment on.

In fact, the trigger was the chemical attack in La Ghutta, Syria in August 2013. I was no longer in the fog. I was half awaken, but this event, since the beginning of the whole story, wrecked my guts. From then on, I started to act, I didn’t want to remain an unpowered viewer, outraged and screaming in my own little bubble. I wrote to “Hollandouille” on an old postcard, using the free address of the Elysee Palace (no stamp required). On the postcard was printed (in english in the original text): NO WAR IN SYRIA – FREE PALESTINE – In fact, I wrote similar messages on the card. Since that time, I scrutinized his behavior and soon I was aware that he was executing a Plan under the orders of the world elite, specifically the American one. I understood that the electoral system was just a trap for gullible people, a mean to get people to vote for people chosen in advance for them.

The different political parties are only a deception in order to organize the illusion that the elections are the ultimate expression of democracy. We know it is wrong, that it is a lie, once more we accept and hang onto it by fear of the unknown. From then on, I decided not to loose any longer my time with institutional politics. I started to organize my thoughts on the subject of how to change the political paradigm. How to create, initiate and organize a paradigm shift.

I understood that the real life sometimes enters to sharply in contradiction with the system’s narrative and exposes parts of the general deception. I also envisionned the fact that at some point and for all citizens, will come the issue of civil disobedience. I understood that it is the peaceful mass of the peoples of the world who will refuse to obey the criminal and obsolete state and corporatist institutions, that will bring the empire, its oligarchs and eugenicists to their fall. This plan implemented for the last 250 years is an eugenicist plan et we can’t doubt that all possible means will be used to reduced the world population to what they believe is the “right number”: 500 millions people, enslaved to fulfill the “elite”’s needs.

People laugh at me so often when I claim such things. Doesn’t George Orwell claim in “1984” that “in this time of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” ? But “1984” is no longer a fiction, it became our reality. My first difficulty is that I am a nobody. Today in France, if you have no job, you are nobody.

Personnally, I cumulate negative things: I am jobless, without income, soon with no teeth, I survive thanks to my husbands pension of 1600 Euros per month, not much. I had to convince myself that I could be helpful in promoting a change of political paradigm and that I could indeed act right away. If I am nothing and nobody in this society, it is of no importance whatsoever.

Moreover, the fact that I own nothing gives a certain advantage, I am indeed invisible, but I am free, free to think, act, talk and go wherever needed. Framed since birth like so many of my fellow citizens to obey, shut-up, consume, buy, lower your eyes, obey, get married, buy, shut-up, look down, obey, make children, shut-up, buy, work, obey, shut-up, buy…. I spent much time in front of the television, alone and I learnt things you can learn nowhere else. At that time, there was no censorship nor mind framing such as “I am Charlie”. It was already undermined somewhat et those who believe in “democracy” under the regimes of Pompidou, Giscard, were fully integrated in the system.

Despite a catholic education, I never believed in god et even rebelled against the church. I was mocked right away. As I read a lot, I got early on interested in Egyptology and in my core, the narrative of time, the chronology of the times seemed really strange to me.

Then I got really interested by the native peoples of the Americas. I precise here that I have spanish origins from my mother side and Italian from my father. The Colombus’ discovery of the New World captivated me, but not for the same reasons than most of my fellow schoolmates. I got really excited by the story of the last Aztec emperor Montezuma although it was narrated by his conquerors and I felt at that time the controversial issue of the christian doctrine of discovery. The framework under which we were living since birth was ubiquitous. Then I got married (civil marriage, no church), I didn’t christianized/baptized my children, but I did follow the society’s peer pressure in getting married and getting children.

I sincerely thing that this is an alienation we subscribe to voluntarily because we are programmed, framed to do so and compel. to it. I do not hold any grief to anyone. Today, I am fully aware that all of this is just plain bullshit. Nothing oblige us to get married and get children if we don’t want to do so ; but you have to be ready to explain yourself if you don’t want children, there still is an obligation for women and couples to reproduce. In my view, there should be no pressure to do so just to compel to society’s will.

This is why I think we should be absolutely free of our choices. This is never the case as the judeo-christian background of our society compels us constantly to agree with it as being the best model, the exceptional model in the image of the American empire. In fact, the system highlights the path we must follow. So germinated inside me the idea to de-christianized myself and I found the purpose to do so in marked opposiyion to the christian doctrine of discovery. I wished to stir up the ashes of the Amerindian history, as I understood clearly that the American empire was built on a big lie, a theft and the biggest genocide ever in history, which started right away in 1492.

This is when I encountered the Mohawk way of thinking through Resistance 71 blog. Thanks to the Federation Nationale de la Libre Pensée (FNLP), I learnt about the attempts by a few people to get their names off the registar of baptise/christianization. I decided to do so while denouncing the roots of the so called legal authority to appropriate non-christian land et deny all rights of sovereignty to native people in the name of the christian doctrine of discovery since the 15th century and until today as the pope Francis still refuses to revoke the papal bulls Romanus Pontifex (1455) and Inter Caetera (1493), which are the very foundation of the colonial power of Christendom across the world and which has also been enshrined legally in US (and Canadian) Supreme Court decisions since 1823 and the decision of the SCOTUS in the case Johnson vs M’Intosh.

What I didn’t know at that time is that the Roman Catholic church was refusing to remove names from the registar, even if you asked nicely and politely.

The Catholic Church considers the christianization as “an historical event which took place at the demand of your parents as you were a child. This event doesn’t preclude your religious convictions once adult and leaves you totally free to choose your path in the sense indicated in your letter to us. Hence does it appear that christianization’s registars confirms with each written act bearing and the signatures of witnesses, of the historical event which took place. One can not erase an historical even. The act can not therefore be erased. It has to be noticed that the registar is not design for public consultation nor is it allowed to be shared. It is not accessible to third parties. Moreover, the Paris’ Cour de Cassation rejected the motion in date of November 19Th 2014.” See the complete file on my page : = Faire tomber l’Empire.

The French jucicial system legitimizes the refusal by the Catholic Church to proceed in erasing a name from the christianization’s registar in violation of the 1905 law ordering the separation of the Church and the State. This brings the christianization act under the protection of the republican law, in the exact same vein as Justice John Marshall from the SCOTUS legitimized the christian doctrine of discovery in his conclusion on the Johnson vs M’Intosh case in 1823. Meanwhile, I am aware of a French expatriate in Germany, who after claiming being an atheist, had 500 Euros taken from his wages as a cult tax from the Roman Catholic church because he was baptized (christianized).

One can find the article of his fate online. On the Federation Nationale de la Libre Pensée’s website you will be able to see the answer given to this person by the catholic diocèse in Germany. I do  not make that stuff up ! No exageration whatsoever. Knowing this, I wrote to the president of the Cour de Cassation of Paris, which decided and wrote the decision # 1441 on November 19th 2014.

The lettter contested the rendered decision based on the answers given to me by the Catholic authorities upon my request to erase my name from the registar and the new facts revealed through the story of this French expat in Germany.

I know fairly well that I am noboby. We must also acknowledge the fact that the Federation Nationale de la Libre Pensée has no more weight on these issues than I ever had. I never received any answer to my query and complain. But the FNLP didn’t move further neither although it is directly dealing with the Ministry of Justice in France. The French judicial system is a farce and it is laughing right n our faces. It is just an institution and we all know by now, that we have nothing to expect from institutions, certainly not from the judicial one ! The Catholic Records wrote to me a final letter with the object being: “Apostasie” informing me that they took good notice of my will not to belong any longer to the Catholic Church, they joined as a document a certified copy of the page of the registar bearing my name with this mention in the margin : “Renagated with force and in all counsciousness her christianization through a letter dated April 2nd 2015.”

For many people, all of this is totally futile and worse… a blasphemy ! But, I do consider through this action that I broke the chains that the system is putting on us from birth and that we carry with us by ignorance and fear. A fear which is thereafter instilled to us in every aspect of our lives and that we are compelled to accept. This action was not futile. I do not regret it one bit. This allows me to stand side by side with aboriginal people worldwide : American Indians, Africans, Australian Aboriginies, Maoris, Kanaks, pagans and heathens of the world, who refuse to be colonized and fight for their sovereignty, fight against the white male judeo-christian set of racist and unjust bigot rules enslaving the world in the name of Jesus Christ for centuries and centuries. Through this act, I get the message across to the Catholic Church, that I refuse my name to be associated for eternity with the crimes, the blood baths and genocide perpetrated in the name of their God in all time and all places.

I call on the religious basis of these laws established in relation to indigenous nations, laws that still prevail today, supported and enshrined through the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, establishing that the invading Christians had a “divine right” to seize all non-christian “pagan and heathen lands” and submit the original nations in perpetual slavery. I am standing side by side with the Palestinian people who is undermined by a violent colonization since the creation of the State of Israel, colonization founded on the myth of the “chosen people on the promised land”.

I understood early that the anglo-american empire (which I call Zunia), built itself on this premise: “Western colonialism since the 15th century until today, is founded upon a religious, racist, euro-centrist, hegemonic and genocidal doctrine: the chrisrtian doctrine of the said “discovery”, codified with the papal bulls Romanus Pontifex (1455) and Inter Caetera (1493).” Therefore, we do not live at all in a “post-colonial”world as the dominant ideology makes us believe.

The United-States, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and of course Israel, are colonial entities, directed by colonial governments whose fake authority is founded on the decisions of Supreme Courts such as the Johnson vs M’Intos in 1823 and their jurisprudence thereof, all of it emanating from the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, which became with time, the founding dogma of the western colonial society.

This is why it seems to me fair and just to initiate a movement to abolish the empire and to repudiate the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, and allow in the process for those who wish to contest it, to renegade on their christianization in contestation of the dogma still prevailing today as we can see that both the United States and Israel claim to the world of their exceptionalism and the “chosen” status in the eyes of “God” of their respective people.

Although I am just a sand grain in the cogs of the NWO, more of us can jam the machine, by our unrelenting questioning and doubting of the dogmas, by our simple daily actions, without hate, nor weapons nor violence, in the name of no god nor any master.

Each of us through thinking can initiate a change of political paradigm. We must then interconnect ourselves so this Idea can take life. If we are sincere and motivated, our idea will survive us all.

For myself, time has come…

and I sincerely think that our time, the people time, has come too!


Update on 28/10/2016 | JBL1960

I do not renegade on this early post of my blog on the contrary. Moreover, I complete it with my latest posts confirming my initial idea while I created this blog : let’s connect energies, let’s connect the free electrons to give an example of free associations beyond space and time…

I agreed over a thousand times with Resistance 71 and others. Other blogs, writers came to join me and in intertwining our words, our ideas, reinforcing our collective trails of thoughts to initiate a paradigm change and create the society of societies in connection with all aboriginal peoples of the planet. This is to make the most equal and just society possible = together, us the repented colons and settlers, the westerners freed of all colonial ideology, standing up together side by side with the native people and original nations, struggling together against the very same oligarchs who oppress us et kill us since ever with always the same determination.

Let’s refuse to play the game that is forced upon us ! ; OUPS ou OUF ?

Let’s erase the fake dogmas applied for centuries or millenia, dogmas coming from the bible, myths like “chosen people” and “promised land”, absurdity like the “god given right”, transformed through time in the more secular “right of domination” and today’s “right of interference” (in the name of civilization or humanity), always for “humanitarian reasons” of course, all of this being fake, fabricated and part of the mecanisms of the exploitation of Man by Man, the colonialisme purpose.

Placing its origin in the religious realm multiplied its impact by tenfold upon generations and we can see now the end of the tunnel in breaking all the locks of these dogmas and in getting the historical truth out through the essential work of people like Shlomo Sand, Ilan Pappe, Ze’ev Herzog, Ashraf Ezzat, Israel Shamir, joigning people like Steven Newcomb, Peter d’Errico, Glenn Morris, Roxanne Dungar-Ortiz, Howard Zinn, Russell Means, Kahentineta and all the crew of Mohawk Nation News and so many others, in the same fight for the truth and the unearthing of the great historical falsifications and the imposition of a unique and dominant justification of western colonialism through History.

In conveying these works and messages, we become an essential piece of the truth chain unfolding worldwide from the filth of the historical and ideological falsifications claimed by the society of the Great Show & Circus, dogmas followed par people themselves in accepting them through their absence of critical thinking, all the lies and deceptions brought to them by an oligarchy today on the run and seriously worrying about all the truth movements rising from everywhere and all sectors against it and its murderous NWO.

It is actually now that our work as part of the truth’s ant hill is the most important ! No way to let it go, no way to slack down !

Because we are all inter-connected ;



~~ Jo ~~


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    1. Kikou à toi également !
      J’ai demandé à R71 de me traduire en anglais ce billet, car il me permet d’être comprise par le Dr. Asharaf Ezzat qui ne parle qu’anglais et qui m’a contactée pour lui expliquer mon cheminement de pensée. Et ainsi, je peux l’adresser à Kahentinetha de Mohawk Nation News. Comme à Kevin Annett en lien avec Meurtre Par Décret. Et également à Vincent Emanuele. Ces personnes ne parlent pas du tout le français et il est important pour moi qu’elles puissent suivre nos avancées. Qui sait si le hasard de la vie ne nous mettra pas face à face… Au plaisir !
      PS = As-tu visité ma nouvelle page « Les Chroniques de Zénon » ? Jo


    1. 3 ans plus tard, et toujours grâce à R71, nos liens s’étant resserrés pour devenir indéliables…

      Ce billet en anglais, que K de Mohawk Nation News a repris dans ses liens de publication ;

      In France ; When Hope dresses in yellow / En France ; L’espoir s’habille en Gilet Jaune !

      Anonymous words of a native person of Great Turtle Island

      The real power and the real wisdom come from within. When man understands in his flesh that he is One with the whole creation ; when he realizes that at the center of the universe resides a power much greater than himself, then does he know that this center is everywhere, that it is in each of us.


      1. Change come from within !

        Et effectivement il n’y a pas beaucoup de hasard 😉

        Au plaisir !


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